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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Iceland to test Mitsubishi "zero emission" cars...

Iceland to test Mitsubishi "zero emission" cars...

Representatives of Iceland's Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism have shaken hands on a deal with Mitsubish's executives for a 'fleet testing' of zero emission cars in their country.

Moving to electric motoring would allow countries to reduce their need for fossil fuels even more,and that is what Iceland has reportedly decided to do.

It claims it gets most of its electrical energy from hydroelectric and geothermal sources - being a volcano/island it is sitting atop the mid-Atlantic ridge, and is extremely keen on renewable resources.

Having to ship in petrol it is not cheap, though at 132 Icelandic Krona, equivalent to 79p it is cheaper than what they pay in the United Kingdom.

New Zealand is also keen to test zero emission vehicles, and will be taking close notice of Icelandic testing of such vehicles.

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