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Monday, March 22, 2010

The healing power of plants - How nature promotes a sense of wellbeing...

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The healing power of plants - How nature promotes a sense of wellbeing.

First published at Qondia:

Are you seeking an inner calm? Then I suggest you could look no further from your garden. Really? Yes, really my friend. Research emanating from the Texas A&M University has reportedly found that green spaces have had a direct effect on our health. When patients rooms had a view of hospital gardens, they recovered faster fron surgery, had shorter hospital stays and needed fewer painkillers. The team also found that showing patients photos of nature reduced blood pressure in five minutes or less.

Nature stops us from worrying and obsessing over detail, according to environmental psychologist Clare Cooper Marcus. "Gardens create a state of diffuse awareness rather than focussed attention."

All our senses - sight, smell etc - are aroused, making us aware of our surroundings. This relaxes our mind and restores our ability to pay attention when we reurn to work.

So there is more to your garden than you realise. More than just green fingers.

Acknowledgements:  Peter Petterson  -  All rights reserved

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