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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The world's first solar powered motorway in Italy...

Sign No. 330.1 – motorwayImage via WikipediaThe world's first solar powered motorway is in Italy. Surprisingly enough the very first motorway of any description was also in Italy. If I was a betting man I would have put my money on Germany, but its autobahns never arrived until the 1930's.

The very first motorway was the A8 Milano - Laghi (Milano - Lakes as it connects the city of Milan to Lake Como and Maggiore) and was completed in 1926. Time has certainly passed since those early days and every developed country  now has  motorway networks - strategic structures that help the inter-connection of people and places and is ultimately essential to a country's economic growth.

Now Italy has completed a new first and a new phase with the construction of theA18 Catania - Siracusa motorway - a 30km addition to Sicily's 600km motorway network - a fully solar-powered motorway, the very first of its kind. first-sun-powered-motorway/
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