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Monday, March 28, 2011

Liquid gold the green answer for the natural energy resources of tomorrow

Exquisite sample of urine produced after a lon...Image via Wikipedia  Pee power?Many environmentalists dream of a 'green future' - a world in which cars, homes and industries can rely on a clean, abundant and  renewable  resource such as wind and solar radiation. But that future may be as much mellow yellow as grassy green, thanks to another  natural resource that most of us would not think of - urine.

Planet earth's nearly 8 billion people flush away an estimated 10 billion litres (2.6 billion gallons) of urine daily. Domestic animals such as cows and pigs contribute twice as much. Add to that the millions of sheep that make their own contribution as well.

Geraldine Botte, a chemical engineer at Ohio University in the US, thinks throwing all that money away is a waste of (literally) a golden opportunity. What urine contains is something that many scientists have called the fuel of the future - hydrogen.

Professor Botte claims they have made a breakthrough,, because hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. However it does not exist alone but in combination with other elements. An economical method must be found to break  those chemical bonds. And that is just what she and her team at Ohio University are actually doing; they are confident that success is just on the horizon. Pee power is close to a reality! --gold-color.pdf
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