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Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Zealand marine dolphins are at risk and need to be conserved...

New Zealand's Hector marine dolphins future are threatened by fisheries bycatch (the use of plastic nets), pollutants and boat disturbance. While recent surveys have estimated an abundance of about 7400, these are fragmented into three areas in the South Island and also include the threatened Maui subspecies which is down to 100 animals in the wild. Dolphins are mammals, not a fish species.

The Maui dolphin  as described above is a subspecies of the Hector dolphin, and is the world's most rare marine dolphin. While they are down to 100 animals in the wild, the fact there are more than one human induced death every seven years, is a concern because it threatens the Maui's recovery. This dolphin is found on the west coast of the North island.



Hectors dolphin

World Wildlife Fund


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