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Monday, December 5, 2011

Save the seals - keep oil out of Arctic waters

Arctic Tern
Image by mizmak via Flickr


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Protect seals from an Arctic oil spill disaster
Shell will stop at nothing to drill in the Arctic and they are mobilizing right now.

Wherever there is drilling, there is the risk of spills. Spilled oil collects in the same breaks in the ice that seals and other animals use to come up for air. And in the remote Arctic, no one can clean up spilled oil fast enough to prevent animals from inhaling toxic fumes or becoming coated by oil.
But we can prevent Arctic oil spills – by stopping Shell's plans.
We can't wait until there is another oil spill disaster to take action. The time to speak up for seals and our Arctic waters is before permits are signed, wells are drilled, and oil is pumped. Stand up for seals and other Arctic animals by December 6 and put a stop to Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic.
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