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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Most eco-friendly city this week: Masdar City...

Picture of Masdar City, a planned city.
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Most Eco-Friendly City

Masdar City

The United Arab Emirates are known for their vanity projects, but Masdar City will give not only bragging rights, but also hopefully a model for other environmentally friendly cities. Located 11 miles from Abu Dhabi, the city will take advantage of the climate to rely on solar power and other renewable sources for the entirety of their energy needs. They aren't just stopping with energy - automobiles will be completely banned and the city is going to try to reuse water until it's as thick as syrup as well as attempting to recycle the entirety of its waste.
Obviously keen to impress the big names of environmental awareness, upon completion in 2025, Masdar City will also be the base for the International Renewable Energy Agency from which they can look disapprovingly at cities that aren't as awesome as Masdar - so basically, everywhere.
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