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Sunday, May 27, 2012

A lose-lose scenario: Killing honey-bees to grow white refined sugar - an expose...

sugar beets thinning (Sidi Smaïl, Morocco, 2007).
sugar beets thinning (Sidi Smaïl, Morocco, 2007). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A news report from Kittson County Top News Examiner, Ken Korczac:

How ironic is this? Bees produce the world's most natural healthy source of sweetness, honey. But here in the Red River Valley, bee populations have been 'declared dead' by many beekeepers.

At the same time The Red River Valley is also among the world's largest producer of unhealthy sweetness: white refined, nutrition - free sugar produced from sugar beets.

Read more of Ken's report here:

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