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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Campaign to stop the Routeburn Tunnel to Milford Sound...





In 2006, MDL put in a proposal to the Department of Conservation asking permission to build an 11.3km long tunnel from the end of the Routeburn road through the mountains to link up with the Hollyford Road thus cutting the driving travel time to Milford Sound. The Department of Conservation asked for more information from them over the ensuing years. In late 2011 DOC said it was moving to grant concession and had opened the process to pubic submissions. Glenorchy united as a community is opposed to the tunnel and in a town meeting voted 100-0 against the tunnel. Why? Because the building of the tunnel would violate the entrance to the Routeburn track, an area beloved by people across the world for its pristine wilderness and the ease with which one can be in the natural world. Glenorchy has long been an end of road community. For the first 100 years of its existence it was only accessible by boat and in the last 50 years by an ever improving road. It is a strong community filled with hard working people who have chosen to live here because of the natural beauty of the region. It is not an easy life to live in Glenorchy but among its benefits has been the strength of the community that’s grown here and a shared vision of its future (as expressed in its community plan which is part of the Queenstown Lakes District plan). The proposed tunnel would change life at the Head of the Lake.
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