It’s a win that should be celebrated - but it’s not the end either...

victory image


There’s a real buzz here in the Greenpeace HQ right now - it really feels like we’re on a roll!

We’ve just had the big win with fashion label Zara committing to detox fashion, and yesterday across the Tasman tuna brand John West has agreed to phase out unsustainable FAD caught tuna. And then we got news that Brazilian oil giant Petrobras is dumping its risky deep sea oil drilling plans in New Zealand!

This is a huge win for people power, for East Coast iwi Te Whanau a Apanui, for all the people like you who rallied against deep sea oil drilling, and it’s a huge win for New Zealand.

From the moment the Government announced it would offer New Zealand’s deep seas up to international oil companies the opposition has been vigorous and unwavering.

It’s a win that should be celebrated - but it’s not the end. Other big oil companies (including Shell) are lining up and they have enormous resources to make sure things go their way.

We’ll fight them every step of the way but we’ll need your help like never before. Greenpeace has a fraction of the resources that big oil has, and we never take money from businesses or governments. But we have one thing they don’t: your support.

To win the fight together we need to give it everything we can. Please donate now to support the ongoing fight to protect New Zealand from the perils of deep sea oil drilling.

The fight against Petrobras began 18 months ago when people from across the country dropped everything to get into small boats and sail into the path of the Petrobras survey vessel. Some were experienced sailers, some were Greenpeace activists, but many were ordinary kiwis like you who wanted to make a difference.

They were gone for 40 days and in the end the Government sent the military to intervene. East Cape fisherman Elvis Teddy who was skipper of one of the boats was arrested for going fishing in front of the Petrobras survey vessel. To this day he continues to defend his name. There has been High Court battles, a Judicial Review, 142,000 New Zealanders signed our No New Oil, NO New Coal petition and many thousands of emails have been sent to the Government calling for a cleaner, smarter way of powering our New Zealand’s economy.

The Government seems committed to its polluting policies and will continue to use taxpayers money to encourage other international oil companies including Shell and Anadarko to drill along our coastlines. The Petrobras pull-out will make them nervous but we must keep up the pressure and demand that the Government chooses a cleaner, safer way of growing our prosperity.