>:-[Monsanto has a reported goal to replace all seeds with their own GM seeds
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Monsanto (Photo credit: arbyreed)
The goal of Monsanto is to replace all natural seeds and have only GM (Genetically Modified) seeds available to the global market. We can stop them– watch this video and share it with friends and family.

For forty years Monsanto dumped PCB in a river in Anniston, Alabama, nobody said a thing. Later Monsanto was working with rBGH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone) given to dairy cows which ended up in the milk. Recently a $93 million dollar lawsuit was settled for Virginia residents who were exposed to Monsanto’s Agent Orange. Whatever it takes to make a profit is Monsanto’s plan.

The biotech companies, including Monsanto, are spending millions of dollars to keep us in the dark and avoid telling us what’s in our food…what do they have to hide now?

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