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Friday, June 28, 2013

US energy independence is allegedly a delusion...

West_Texas_Pumpjack-300x225Increasing America’s domestic energy production is something most of us can agree on, but it seems there is a fork in the road as to how to get there. Some argue we should rely on the United States’ vast deposits of shale, coal and other natural resources, while others believe renewable energy from wind and solar is a better alternative. But, will either of these energy sources, or any combination of the two, actually make America truly energy independent? The overwhelming answer is no.
The idea that U.S. energy independence is a fantasy isn’t as much a shocking revelation as it is a reflection of global energy markets. Ali al-Naimi, Saudi Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, made a couple interesting points in a speech Tuesday regarding America’s sought after energy independence:
  • Middle East oil exports to the U.S. were higher in 2012 than any time since U.S. oil production began soaring in 2009. This trend shows that the U.S. is a major energy consumer and it will utilize various energy sources
  • The notion of energy independence fails to recognize the interconnected nature of global energy markets. The U.S. should instead focus on how it will export its new oil and gas supplies
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