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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Government experts backing protective measures they have put into place for endangered dolphhins...

Govt experts back protection for endangered dolphins

Government experts are backing the protection measures they've put in place for the endangered Hector's and Maui's dolphins.
It comes as a parliamentary committee considers petitions asking the protection for the dolphins to be extended and improved.
Among the requests is that the current two to seven nautical mile set net ban be pushed further out.
MPI Inshore Fisheries Manager Steve Halley says that's premised on a 100 metre sea depth contour, but the evidence is that on the North Island's west coast Maui's dolphins don't go out that far.
"And we remain open to evidence to suggest otherwise, but at this stage we don't have any strong evidence to suggest otherwise."
Meanwhile, there's some good news when it comes to the state of the Hector's Dolphin population.
Department of Conservation marine species and threats manager Ian Angus has passed on new numbers on population estimates to a Parliamentary hearing today.
"For the East Coast South Island we're looking at 9100, that's based on the new study.
"It's some great news which is a lot more than previously thought."
Photo: Hector's Dolphin (James Shook)

Critics claim the Government has not done as much as it could. It is wary of the pro-fishing lobby especially in an election years. New Zealand's celebrated green and clean image is taking some flak here.



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