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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The protective traits of plants


NaturalNews:   Plants may not be able to move, but they have evolved a staggering array of techniques for affecting their surroundings. These adaptations allow plants to do everything from incapacitating predators and deterring rivals to colonizing new lands and even changing the behavior of the plants and animals in their vicinity.

Some of the most striking ways in which plants manipulate their surroundings involve defending themselves from predation. In addition to "passive" defenses such as bark or spines, many plants are also filled with toxic chemicals capable of delivering anything from an irritating rash to fatal poisoning. But this is not the only way that plants can affect their predators -- plants produce a wide variety of chemicals that can act like the hormones or neurotransmitters produced by animals' own bodies (this is where drugs like heroin and cocaine come from).

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