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Friday, March 28, 2008

A global truth - the experts debate global warming...

A global truth - the experts debate global warming...

They may not agree on all things pertaining to the problem, but most would say that there is global warming beyond all doubt. Is it a natural phenomenon, or is it man-made? That is the cause for debate; what has caused it and what should we do to rectify the situation, if we can? Or is it too late and que sera sera!

Are the ominous predictions about Earth's climate from 10-20 years ago finally coming true - are the chickens coming home to roost? Are we entering a greenhouse century of rising seas, shrivelled crops, animal extinction and intense heat waves?

It is completely certain that Planet Earth is experiencing some degree of ongoing global warming. You would have to be a complete fool to dispute that fact. But to what degree, is the question you might ask?

When averaged over the entire planet for individual years, it is claimed the temperature of surface air has increased by about one degree Celcius since 1910.

Approximately half of this warming has allegedly occurred during 1970-2000. A recent computer model simulations reported showed conclusively that almost all of the 1970-2000 warming would not have occured without strong simultaneous atmospheric greenhouse gas increase. The reasons for this warming is claimed to be as certain as the fact of the warming. They have a strong case.

The same computer model suggests that the warming will increase by a further 2C to 4C by 2090-2100, depending on the rate of greenhouse gas emission increase due to human activity.

So the debate will continue...and continue!

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