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Friday, November 28, 2008

UCSD Installs Solar Trees - alternative energy technology...

Looking at alternative energy technology - read below.

UCSD Installs Solar Trees;

The University of California, San Diego, which strives to be one of the nation’s “greenest” college campuses, is installing solar trees on the roof of two of its parking garages.

Fresno State completed a similar installation last year.

Steel components at the Uiversity of California have already taken shape, forming frameworks that will soon be fitted with a canopy of Kyocera photovoltaic modules to provide energy for the campus.

Each solar tree at UCSD will generate more than 17,000 hours of energy per year; enough to power more than four single-family homes; and avoid 13.2 metric tons of carbon emissions.

In addition, the design offers the option to install an outlet for electric vehicle charging.

The solar tree is the creation of Envision.

Parking lots are seen as a prime location for solar power installations. Google has installed solar canopies on its parking lots to satisfy 30 percent of its headquarters’ power demand.


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Thursday, November 27, 2008

The bamboo bicycle is not only cool, but is also appropriate for everyday use...

The bamboo bicycle is not only cool, but it is appropriate for everyday use too!

To increase production and improve design Craig Calfee has reportedly experimented with growing bamboo into pre-formed shapes in the field by forcing the bamboo through carefully placed barriers, the naturally straight plant grows with the bends and curves he needs for frames and components.

How about that, Craig! The Calfee design is now built in the Tetra and Dragonfly Tandem bicycles to meet each rider's specific needs.


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