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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Scavenging gardeners site...

Now let me tell you about the gang down at the "Scavengers" site, the ones who wrote the "Scavengers Manifesto". You haven't heard of them, I heard you say? Well, lets do something about it and bring you up to speed.

They emailed me with a tip for the "Green Planet":

They have taken a vow to grow at least half their food in the garden that costs nothing to create and maintain.

They have recently posted on how to go about it! Gardening is just not a cheap way to grow food as we all once did - it costs more to set up than atrip down to the supermarket it has been constantly claimed. Really?

So how do they intend to go about it? Scavenge they reckon. And maximise your growing area too.

One little tip is not to buy new gear to garden with, and to look around for your seeds. Scavenge!

Get your seeds from garage sales, out of your salads, buy expired seeds, seed sales at discount sales, last years plants.

Look there are so many, too many for me to discuss, so get yourself off to the "Scavenging site".

Go gardening

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