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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yorkshire Rainforest Project...

Welcome to the Yorkshire Rainforest Project...

The Green Planet presents...

We’re the tea and coffee company that loves trees.

Twenty years ago we launched our Trees for Life appeal with a pledge to plant one million trees. With the help of our customers and staff we reached that milestone in 1999 – but didn’t stop there. Two million trees came and went, and in 2007 we planted our 3 millionth tree on Blue Peter, the children’s TV programme.

Of course there are still more trees to plant, but for now, with an acre of rainforest destroyed every second and half of the world’s rainforest already lost, there’s a new commitment. We’re asking our customers and the whole of the Yorkshire community to help us save an area of rainforest the size of Yorkshire … welcome to the Yorkshire Rainforest Project.

To start our campaign we’ve joined forces with the Rainforest Foundation UK to save an area the size of the Yorkshire Dales in Peru’s Amazon rainforest – one of the most threatened rainforests on the planet.

Yorkshire Rainforest Project

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