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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is New Zealand's Clean and Green image a myth...

New Zealand
New Zealand (Photo credit: theboywiththethorninhisside)
New Zealand 2007
New Zealand 2007 (Photo credit: Szymon Stoma)
New Zealand's Milford Sound. Milford Sound, on...
New Zealand's Milford Sound. Milford Sound, one of New Zealand's most famous tourist destinations[59]. Milford Sound, New Zealand. The terminus of SH 94, and the breathtaking view that rewards the weary traveller. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Is New Zealand's Clean and Green image exaggerated at best, or a myth at worst?

To buy a carton of New Zealand-produced milk is to be transported to paradise. It says so right on the package with imagery more than words--a contented cow, a lush pasture, a blue sky that is the way blue is meant to look. The marketing folks are simply reinforcing the image held worldwide that New Zealand's faint ecological footprint makes it clean and green.

But all the hype about New Zealand being clean and green may be somewhat exaggerated. New Zealand is touted internationally as one of the most breathtaking places to visit and as a conservation leader. But is there truth in the "100 percent pure New Zealand" slogan?

"There is a lot of rhetoric about how clean we are, but when you actually look at us, it turns out to not be the case" says Cath Wallace, senior lecturer in economics and public policy at Victoria University and co-chair of ECO, an environmental nonprofit organization.

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