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Monday, September 24, 2012

Should there be a marine reserve in the Ross Sea?

Digital image / P.K. Stowers
Digital image / P.K. Stowers
Earlier this month the Government rejected a proposal from the United States for a marine reserve that would have offered greater protection for the Antarctic toothfish in the Ross Sea.

There are tight regulations on fishing - including strict quota and reporting requirements on catch and bycatch - in Antarctica, which is still treated as an exploratory fishery.

New Zealand companies take a large proportion of the annual Ross Sea toothfish catch - last year they landed 730 tonnes with an export value of $20 million.

The Herald understands the joint proposal was thwarted in Cabinet by ministers Gerry Brownlee, David Carter and Steven Joyce on the grounds it was not consistent with the Government's economic growth objectives.

Should the Ross Sea be a marine reserve? Here is the latest selection of your views below:

I would support a marine reserve to stop exploitation and overfishing in that area.  The Antarctic toothfish is one example. So-called strict quota and tight fishing regulations won't necessarily protect the Ross Sea.. Lets hope some commonsense prevails.



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