Nikola Tesla, or just “Tesla” as he was more commonly known, was a revolutionary man. He was amazing because he had electrical ideas for a new world. But who was he really and most importantly, how did affect today’s society with his work? 
Nikola Tesla was born 1856 in Smiljan,Croatia. His father was a priest of the Orthodox church and his mother did not go to school but was extremely intelligent. Tesla’s brother Dane, died in a horse accident at only twelve in 1861. Later that year Tesla started primary school at Smiljan where his subjects included German and Maths. In 1870 Tesla graduated from “high school” where he learnt Physics and Maths. In 1873 Tesla caught Cholera and almost died. Two years later Nikola Tesla aspired to be an engineer and so enrolled in the Polytechnic University of Graz on a scholarship. In his first year at the University of Graz,(1875) he obtained the highest grades possible. However in his second year he started gambling and lost his scholarship. Not surprisingly in his forth year he dropped out.
1879 was the year Tesla’s dad died and it was also the year that he started teaching at a school in Gospić. Three years later Tesla created his design for an A.C ( Alternating Current) motor in a “Eureka moment”. He also started working for soon to be rival, Thomas Edison in Paris. Tesla quit working for Edison after he would not hear about his A.C motor design because he thought his D.C (Direct Current) electric motor was better. D.C electricity uses a lot of copper so Edison tried to push people to use D.C because he owned large shares in a copper company.Tesla had hundreds of patents that included lots of free energy designs. If you want view some of his patents, check out this website:
In my opinion, Tesla was an amazing man but despite that fact, he died a broker in New York, 1943, of a heart failure. I hope I have given you an insight into the life of a man thinking for a new world, a man that without him, electricity wouldn’t be as we know it today.