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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Solar power steam generation - one of the new green energy projects...

This week the Green Planet looks at a new solar powered steam generation plant in Spain - one of the new green energy projects.

Just west of Seville in Spain, a sea of giant mirrors reportedly reflects the sun's energy to provide so-called "concentrated solar power" (CSP) while illuminating the path to a new wave of green energy projects.

The 624 carefully positioned mirrors reflect the sun's heat towards a 50 metre tall central tower known as PS10 (re picture) where it is concentrated and used to boil water into steam; in itself an old technology now.

The superheated steam is then used to turn a turbine that can produce up to 11 megawatts of electricity - enough power it is claimed for 6,000 homes - according to Solucar, the Spanish company who built the power plant.

Concentrated solar power

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