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Monday, July 6, 2009

The age of the Clear-lite "Armorlite" unbreakable light bulb is approaching us...

The age of the Armorlite unbreakable light bulb is approaching us. Clearly Better...Clearly Green.

For some time I have argued here and elsewhere that the eco friendly CFL light bulb is not the complete answer to the old Edison incadescent light bulb. Why, you may ask? Indeed you may. In my book it actually came down to energy savings with the CFL, against safety with the incadescent light bulb. People have claimed the amount of mercury in a CFL is minute. Really? Mercury is a poison, is a poison! If you happen to break a CFL light bulb you have to air the room by opening windows for 30 minute. You also have to be extremely careful when picking up the broken pieces; use cellotape (cleartape) to pick up the pieces and put into a bag or cardboard box. The broken glass needs to be taken to the local council collection point for removal. All this for something not really dangerous? Yeah right! But we may have the answer below. Please read on:

A new environmentally friendly light bulb will soon be available that will help solve the problem of exposure to Mercury contamination.

In August, Clear-Lite, a small Green lighting company is Parkland, Fl. will introduce - ArmorLite - which prevents Mercury from spreading into the environment if the bulb is broken.

In September, Clear-Lite will feature in the September issue of the Popular Science magaine.

ArmorLite appears like a standard store bought incandescent light bulb. In fact, it is a CFL bulb hidden inside an incandescent light bulb. A silicon, unbreakable balloon-like skin is wrapped around the outer light bulb so if it breaks, the Mercury will be contained.

The silicon skin safeguards children and adults from mercury poisoning, by not allowing the mercury vapor to permeate the air, which is an ever-present threat if an ordinary CFL breaks. Its silicon skin also means no glass splinters from breakage.

The Armor Lite bulb is so much a breakthrough it will as said above be featured in the Sept. issue of Popular Science Magazine.

Environmentally friendly compact fluorescent lights – those spiral energy-efficient bulbs purchased by consumers that use 75 percent less energy than old-style bulbs - are growing in popularity, however they do present a hazard – CFL’s contain Mercury that can be harmful to your health when broken.

All Clear-Lite bulbs use a mercury amalgam--the same metal that dentists use in teeth fillings—instead of Mercury. While the bulb still contains some mercury, it’s a lesser amount and thus safer to use. The bulbs are lead-free and Energy Star qualified.

Clear-Lite’s bulbs have also solved another criticism of CFLs. While they are good for the environment, the light they provide isn’t very good. Clear-Lite’s bulbs reduce glare and let users see or read more clearly. Users notice a huge difference over other major brand name CFLs found in stores.

The environmental and health dangers of CFLs has drawn the attention of lawmakers. The House and Senate of the State of Maine recently voted a new, first-in-the-nation law to help reduce mercury pollution by requiring compact fluorescent light bulb manufacturers to share the costs and responsibility for recycling their mercury-containing bulbs. Massachusetts and Vermont are also mulling similar legislation.

Mercury is needed for the compact bulbs to produce light. While mercury is emitted when the bulbs burn, only a small amount is vaporized. When they break either during installation or when thrown in the trash, the mercury is exposed in sufficient enough concentration, that it can harm the nervous system of a fetus or a young child.

Clear-Lite CFLs can be purchased at and More information about the Clear-Lite’s ArmorLite and Amalgam bulbs are at:

Tom Irvine, Chairman of Clear-Lite, is available to discuss the Mercury dangers of CFL light bulbs, and how his light bulb presents a safer alternative. Thanks, John

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