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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Migaloo the White Fella - the world's only white humpback whale...

Migaloo has survived the Japanese whale slaughter in the southern ocean and has just cruised into safe Queensland waters.

If you are lucky enough to have sighted Migaloo in the wild and can pinpoint his location, please contact: Oskar Peterson from Migaloo Research via mobile phone on 0415 748 143 or:

Migaloo goes back to the 28th June, 1991, when an all-white humpback whale was photographed passing Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia's most easterly point.

Migaloo was named by local Aboriginal community elders from the Hervey Bay area in Queensland - it means 'White Fella' in their dialect.

Acknowledgements: Di Hill

Migaloo video

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