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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Chinese onions allegedly unwelcome in New Zealand

Chinese onions allegedly unwelcome in New Zealand...

Plans to allow Chinese onions into New Zealand have The Green Party fearing for our own onion and horticultural industry.

The Green Party is afraid plans to bring onions from China into the country could end in tears.

MP Sue Kedgley is worried bacteria and up to 16 fungal pathogens could be lurking in the onions, but not detected at the border. She says letting in Chinese onions could have devastating consequences for our own onion and horticultural industry, and provide no benefit.

Ms Kedgley says New Zealand growers produce far more onions than we can eat, and they are available all year round. She says allowing cheap onions in would inevitably undermine the existing industry in the same way cheap garlic from China has decimated garlic growing.

We know our onions

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