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Friday, September 11, 2009

Go Bananas for Orangutans - WSPA World Animal Week

Go Bananas for Orangutans:

WSPA World Animal Week 4-10 October 2009

This year for WSPA World Animal Week we'd like everyone to join us and GO BANANAS for ORANGUTANS: an event to raise money for the Nyaru Menteng Sanctuary in Indonesia, home to over 650 injured and orphaned orangutans. Help keep them safe - by going a little bananas yourself in any way you choose.

To GO BANANAS is easy, in just minutes you can build your own online fundraising page and approach your friends, family and colleagues to support your fundraising efforts. So click on the 'Build A Hero' page now and get started.

Go Bananas for Orangutans:

Go bananas with your friends.

•Throw a BANANA Trivia Night with animal themed questions
•Hold a BANANA Spa Treatment Day for you girlfriends
•Hold a BANANArama karaoke session
Go bananas in the great outdoors

•Hold a BANANA boat race
•Organise a BANANA throwing competition
•Go totally BANANAS and get your friends to sponsor you do something extreme like bunjee jump
Go bananas at work

•Wear BANANA yellow to work and get your colleagues to sponsor you
•Hold an office sweepstake on how many BANANAS end to end it will take to reach from A to B
•Get people at work to make a donation in return for a BANANA at morning/lunch tea.
So GO BANANAS now and click on the 'Build A Hero' page and get started. If you are in Australia please go to:

For more information on how you can go BANANAS please email Michelle on or alternatively call 0800 500 9772

Help Orangutans

WSPA New Zealand

Imagine being a hero for animals in need worldwide. By supporting the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA New Zealand), you'll be helping transform the lives of animals of all walks of life, from bears, orangutans and elephants, to whales, stray dogs and working horses. Be a hero for animals today.

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