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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nature ramble at Ecocrap...

Nature Ramble at Ecocrap...

This is not so much a Ramble as one of those things you see while out for a walk.
I have been AFK for a few days, I was not a well puppy (result of the walk).
While walking (actually a fast hobble with my walking stick) to work on Thursday, I saw one of these.

I had never seen one before. I am fully familiar with regular cockroaches, they are a fact of life here in Brazil.
This beastie was rather large as you can see by the comparison with the hand. No, that’s not my hand, no, I did not pick it up. I figured when they get that big, they could have teeth.
I was surprised when googling to discover what I had seen, that while this one doesn’t bite, it does hiss. It comes from a line of Madagascan hissing cockroaches.
I’ll tell you one thing, if the beastie had turned on me and ‘hissed’, I would have turned tail.



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