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Sunday, October 14, 2012

The eyes have it - mystery eye belongs to a marlin, according to scientists...

Giant eye
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission...
EYE SPY: After a storm of speculation, scientists have settled on a marlin as the likely owner of the eye.

The mystery of the giant eye has been resolved, and claims it came from a colossal squid have been quashed.

Instead the monstrous eyeball was found by US scientists to belong to a Marlin.

The disembodied eye washed ashore on the beach in Florida and sparked a social media storm of speculation as to its origin.

According to marine biology website Deep Sea News the eye is most likely to belong to a marlin.
The deep water fish can grow up to five metres in length and weigh up to just over 800kg.
Biology professor Sonke Johnsen told Deep Sea News people often did not realise how big the eyes of swordfish got because they were hidden inside the head.
The presence of bones within the eye also ruled it out from belonging to a colossal squid.

Acknowledgements:   © Fairfax NZ News



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