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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Moment in history for "Green Revolution" recorded here...

Moment in History for “Green Revolution” recorded here at The Green Planet...

Alvin Toffler, in his insightful work ‘The Third Wave’, pointed out that the humankind has achieved three revolutionary shifts of civilization through the history. The first was the Agricultural Revolution that enabled the humankind to accumulate the wealth. The second was the Industrial Revolution that made possible mass production of industrial products. The third was the Information Revolution that transformed the ways people think, work, and enjoy life. And now, we are witnessing a new, powerful revolution shaping in front of our own eyes: “Green Revolution.”

Maanee Lee, Minister of Environment of Korea.


The evolution of human civilization, with the three revolutions, has given the humankind a power that far exceeded its expectation. What we are seeing now is the humankind putting itself under a fatal threat by the act of its own. The threat is the kind that the humankind has never experienced before, in scale and in magnitude

I found the above when reading green blogsites recently. It was so profound that I decided I just had to post it here as a reference.

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