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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spin cells generate 20 times more electricity per cell

V3Solar Spin Cell
V3Solar has developed a new way to convert the sun’s energy into electricity using traditional technology in a new way, and in so doing have discovered a way to get twenty times more electricity out of the same amount of solar cells. Their new device, called the Spin Cell, does away with the traditional flat panel and instead places the solar cells on a cone shaped frame which are then covered with energy concentrators. Once in operation, the whole works spins, making unnecessary the need for tracking hardware and software. What’s more, they actually look nice.
Up till now, virtually all solar arrays have been based on flat panels with solar cells mounted on them. The panels are mounted on poles which allow for tilting to track the sun as it passes overhead in the sky. This new approach turns the old idea completely on its head: Read more:




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